November 2020

Album out

15/11/2020 Album, CD, Concerts, Streaming

The concert of 20 September 1986 was published on 17 November 2020. The recordings of the 1986 concert were restored and remastered in 2020. The online album with three tracks is available since 17.11.2020 in the well-known online stores (Spotify, Apple-Music, Bandcamp) and streaming portals. The CD will be released on 11 December 2020.

Review of the concerts 1984 to 1988

Review of the concerts 1984 to 1988 Between 1984 and 1988 I gave 12 concerts and accompanied art exhibitions or actions with sound performance. On the one hand I have chosen special performance venues and on the other hand special performance dates and times. Open air concerts # Wolfgang Hauck Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Germany From the 1985 programme description Approaching the unheard “Cult bound and legend shrouded, music has a central position in the existence of the mythically livingRead More